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Featured Guest

G.D. Falksen

G. D. Falksen is an author, lecturer, public speaker, and MC. He also studies history, is a consultant for Disney and blogs for Tor.com and ComicMix.com. While his repertoire spans a range of topics, he is currently most noted for his steampunk work and is one of the most recognizable figures in the steampunk literary genre and the related subculture. He is the author of The Hellfire Chronicles series, which includes Blood In The Skies and Ash On The Wind, and the Ouroboros Cycle series. Other fiction includes “The Strange Case of Mr. Salad Monday”, “Cinema U”, “An Unfortunate Engagement”, and “The Mask of Tezcatlipoca”. His work has appeared in Steampunk Tales, Steampunk Magazine, The Chap, Egophobia, and anthologies such as Footprints, Steampunk Reloaded, and The Immersion Book of Steampunk. He has appeared as a guest at various events, including Dragon*Con, New York Comic Con, and the Montreal Comiccon. He has appeared in The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, the Hartford Courant, Marie Claire Italia, BoingBoing.net, Time Out New York, and New York Magazine, and on MTV, NHK, VBS.tv, Space, and io9.com. He is the lead writer for Hatboy Studios, Inc., creators of the steampunk-themed video game AIR. Mr. Falksen is represented by the DystelGoderich Literary Management agency. http://www.gdfalksen.com/



Pioneers in the use of cello as the sole instrument within a rock band, and one of the first bands to be included in the steampunk music genre, Rasputina has been inspiring young string players to commit a number of musical sins since 1996. The group’s concept was written as a manifesto, and manifested accordingly by directress Melora Creager as a wily subterfuge for a plot to open audiences to adventure. The funny, the sad, the heavy, the tender– it can all exist together.
Employing elaborate costuming spanning a number of historical periods, Rasputina brings marginalized historical female figures and stories to light in the pop form, using archetypal characters such as Indian princesses, Hawaiian handmaidens and Medieval queens. Melora last performed in Europe with Nirvana, on their final tour in 1994. Over the years, Rasputina has performed/recorded with Marilyn Manson, Porno For Pyros, Cheap Trick, Goo Goo Dolls and many others. Hardened road-dogs, and with more than 7 albums under their belt, Rasputina continues to amaze and amuse.

The Long Losts

If Tim Burton hired Siouxsie Sioux and Johnny Ramone to write the soundtrack for a romantic movie that takes place at a haunted carnival on Halloween night you would have the unique garage-goth-punk-rock sound of The Long Losts.
Hailing from New York, The Long Losts are a musical act duo made up of vocalist Anka and her husband Patrick on guitar. Inspired by their mutual love of Halloween, Autumn, gothic horror, ghost stories, punk, metal, goth rock and each other, they started The Long Losts in 2012 with the release of their first song, “If Only Boris Karloff Was My Dad.” In 2014 The Long Losts released their first album, “Scary Songs To Play In the Dark.” Their music combines haunting vocals, spooky keyboards, horror sound effects and rock guitar with lyrics celebrating all things old and spooky. Edgar Allen Poe, Boris Karloff, Lily Munster, Edward Gorey, haunted houses, autumn and vintage Halloween culture are some of the inspirations for their goth punk tunes.

Victor Sierra

Hailing from France, Victor Sierra leads you into a vaporous and multicolored universe through unexplored paths down to a future that could have been… In a bloody sky, the airship Hydrogen Queen keeps a steady pace while very special trains can fly leaving the road not taken. On stage, the Legendary Converted Princess’s and Commander Bob and Big Machine’s energies invite you to go beyond the horizon line, to be stirred in unison and to live unpredictable experiences.

tll-candle-_-pumpkin-7The Amatory Murder

The Amatory Murder is an alternative rock project founded by singer/songwriter Christian Peppas (under the alias ‘Xian’) in Brooklyn, New York. The project started with just Xian, a guitar and some drum and synthesizer patches in 2011.

Fast forward, and the current lineup includes drummer Scott Genovese, guitarist Christian “The Governor” Buckley and bassist Binx Noir. The band employ a variety of foundational textures utilizing synthetic atmospheres, piano and pop industrial-esque beat arrangements. Mixed with organic drums, heavy guitars and catchy hooks, the tracks are then topped off with melodic lyrics. While many songs from The Amatory Murder have a somewhat classic rock influence, the songs manage to keep a modern 21st-century sound.

In 2017 The Amatory Murder hit the road and played nationally opening for the band Alesana for their ’Hero With A Thousand Faces’ Tour along with bands Eyes Set To Kill and Lakeshore. Previous to that The Amatory Murder headlined their own ‘U & I Mini Tour’ regionally in the North-Eastern United States. The band have also shared the stage with artists including Julien-K (ex-Orgy), Echo Black, Ice Nine Kills, The Dreaming (ex-Stabbing Westward), Get Scared, Vampires Everywhere, The Relapse Symphony, My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, The Red Paintings and Justin Symbol. In Autumn of 2017 The Amatory Murder played #MakeChesterProud, a mental health and suicide awareness benefit in memory of Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington put together by Fuse veteran VJ Tim ‘No.37’ Martinez.

The Amatory Murder have a dedicated following in the alternative/modern rock scenes but their break-through sound connects to audiences on all levels with dynamic choruses and energetic beats. They strive to make direct connections with their fans whom they hold close to their hearts and symbolically are as diverse as the band’s music–which sometimes embodies emotions we all have hidden within. They have a very clear vision of what they want the future to hold for them and understand it takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get there – no corners can be cut. The guys ultimately plan on taking the world’s stage, winning over each being at a time with their unique, enduring sound and hard-working mentality.

Valentine Wolfe

Formed in 2006, Valentine Wolfe is the combined effort of the Lady Sarah Black and Braxton Ballew. Imagine Sarah Brightman being backed by Francois Rabbath blowing through a Marshall stack at midnight. Having dubbed their music “Victorian Chamber metal”, the duo have synthesized a love of metal, classical and industrial, infusing them with a Victorian sensibility that evokes the likes of Bram Stoker and Edgar Allan Poe.

The ethereal soprano vocals of Sarah Black–which call to mind not only the aforementioned Brightman, but also Dianne van Giersbergen of Xandria and Tarja Turunen–are buttressed by the thunderous growl of Braxton’s electric upright bass, and the two coalesce over pounding rock and electronic grooves punctuated by a maelstrom of synthesizers, keyboards, samples and sound design.

In addition to their gothic metal stylings, their post-graduate backgrounds in music (Sarah has an MM in Composition, and Braxton a DMA in Double Bass) has afforded them multiple opportunities to broaden their musical horizons in recent years, having been contracted to lend their unique sound to theatre productions; composing and performing the scores for Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice, The Tempest (Warehouse Theater), The Winter’s Tale (Furman University), and Twelfth Night (The Distracted Globe), the voice of The Angel in the Warehouse Theater’s production of Angels in America, silent films and short horror films (most notably, Your Cold Black Heart).

Drawing inspiration from all things Victorian, including literature, poetry, and history, and blending them with their musical proclivities and sensibilities and new media (such as Game of Thrones– which they recorded several songs based on the source material–and Penny Dreadful), their music has found particular favor amongst the Steampunk set.

But in a genre dominated by airships and gearwork, tophats and goggles, they follow the back alleys of streets lit with yellowed gaslamps, casting shadows long against the walls; where Jack the Ripper stalked his victims, where Dracula walked with Mina. Together they’ve provided the drama and the grandeur of the gothic at conventions all up and down the East Coast; rocking con raves with Industrial metal for a pre-industrial age, where the glowsticks are filled with absinthe.

Their latest release, The Nightingale: A Gothic Fairytale, behind which they are currently touring, is an dramatic adaptation and reinterpretation of both The Emperor and the Nightingale by Hans Christian Andersen and Ode to a Nightingale by John Keats, set in a sinister Poison Garden, based on the Alnwick Botanical Gardens in England, where every single plant can kill.

Night Watch Paradox

A theatrically inspired music troupe, Night Watch Paradox is musically, lyrically and visually evocative and brings the sights and sounds of a world where steam powered airships roam the skies and time travel is a recreational activity. A place where both men and woman are equally capable, strong, intelligent and frequently mysterious. Imagine a talented collective of musicians, composers and artists who bring these visions to life in a unique steampunk inspired performance.

Night Watch Paradox lyrics pay homage to 19th Century Baltimore history, all while offering their own twists or alternative versions. Such examples are “The Admiral Fell” a song about a steam-powered airship that helps defeat the British Navy in the War of 1812, “Mobtown Riot” which tells the story of the Pratt Street Riots of 1861, and “Henry Clemm” which speculates about the mysterious death of Edgar Allen Poe’s young cousin.

The music itself draws from a wide variety of styles including rock, jazz, Americana, Appalachian and Klezmer. With a lineup of electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, ukulele, flute, harmonica, accordion, cello and both female and male vocalists, Night Watch Paradox can easily evoke the proper mood from sombre to frenzied exuberance. The band has been compared to the Decemberists. Tap your toes, clap and sing along!

Faith In The Glitch

Faith in the Glitch is the founder of The Speakeasy Sessions and the head honcho of hooch and havoc. Crowds have come to expect FitG to electrify the stage in bespoke steampunk attire and his signature bow tie and mustache. Blending sounds from the Jazz Age with cutting edge house, techno, and dubstep, he weaves a unique tapestry of swing and EDM. These Electro-Swing sets will get the flappers floor flushing and the dapper daddies toe-tapping in a swanky gin-joint, ritzy Manhattan VIP rooftop club, or cutting loose in the most posh night-club in Vegas!

The Eternal Frontier

“The Eternal Frontier “, are a Steampunk, acoustical-musical duo, from the Future-Past,
comprised of the good Baron Von Zipple and award-winning Steampunk personality Professor Adam Smasher!!! Armed with only their guitars, soaring voices and signature kazoos, these seasoned, chrononaut minstrels, perform Steampunk themed songs from original, to classic and sometimes bombastic! Audience interaction is ALWAYS a most welcome part of their show!
So…why not rise to the occasion and become part of retro-history?
Plan an outing to Steampunk Con to witness The Eternal Frontier in action!
Come explore the aethersphere and immerse yourselves in The Eternal Frontier!

Infinitus Mortus

Hailing from New Jersey, Infinitus Mortus breaks away from mainstream music, and delves into the darker, Classically composed Symphonic Metal made popular by European bands such as Epica, Nightwish and Dimmu Borgir. Infinitus Mortus started off as a studio project by Stephen “Stoki” Megna (Drums, Guitars, Keys) in 2008. Frustrated by being told how and what to play in multiple local bands, he decided to break off and focus his passion on writing the music that had been welling up inside of him. He found a local Operatic vocalist to work with, and “2012” was released in 2010.

Building off of the success of the first album, Steve decided to move in a new direction in 2011 with another concept album about the superficiality of love, and the anguish and heartache it brings. Joining him on this new adventure as vocalists are Vincent James “VJ” Meehan, and his sister, Caitlin. Working with lyrical ideas provided by Rebeca Pasquel, VJ molded the lyrics, and developed them into catchy melodies that compliment the music composed by Steve. “The Conspiracy of Love” takes the listener on the journey of heartache and betrayal. Caitlin’s sweet vocals contrasted by her brother’s grittier growls reflect the idea that love is sweet, but can’t be trusted.

The Mary Lous

Spooky, ukey, sometimes kooky horrorpunk from New Jersey! The Mary Lous play spooky pop that will make you drop….dead that is.

Dust Bowl Faeries

Dust Bowl Faeries is an ethereal dark-carnival band inspired by Gypsy, folk, circus and post-punk music. Accordion, singing saw, lap ­steel, 6 string ukulele and percussion combine to create the Dust Bowl Faeries’ unique sound. The band was founded by artist­-musician Ryder Cooley, who is joined by Karen Cole, JoAnn Stevelos, Aaron Martin & Jon Wooden. Hazel, a disembodied taxidermy ram, performs with the Fairies as their mascot-spirit animal. The Dust Bowl Faeries released their debut album in March of 2016 featuring guest musicians Tommy Stinson (Replacements) & Melora Creager (Rasputina). A Remix EP by Floyd Fisher was released in January 2108 via upstatebrooklyn.com The band is based in Hudson NY.

Captain Zorikh: The Time Traveling Bard
As the Time Traveling Bard, Captain Zorikh has been from one end of time-and-space to the other, and brought back, or created, some of the most amusing, hilarious, intense, and entertaining songs and stories from the farthest reaches of the galaxy to the wild and crazy west, from the War Between the States to the dimly-remembered past. From a Long Time Ago in a Galaxy Far, Far Away to tomorrow’s headlines! Occasionally partnered with Dr. Bronco Von Johnstein on washtub bass, Captain Z’s lilting melodies and blazing harmonica will put a song in your heart, a lump in your throat, and leave you wondering what else you have been missing all your life.

Hudson Dusters

The Hudson Dusters are an Americana/ Folk duo from Catskill, NY. Jon B Woodwin and Foggy Otis share songwriting duties and vocals. To call Woodin a multi-instrumentalist is a gross understatement. Jon was born with the natural ability to make music with whatever instrument is within reach. In addition to guitar, he plays bass, banjo, saxophone, penny whistle, ukulele, keyboards, concertina, various implements of percussion and he is fluent in the art of beat-boxing. (A skill he puts to use on the Hudson Dusters’ 2018 debut album “Dare To Dream.”) He’s also performed extensively as Principal Cello in a number of orchestras. As a guitarist, Woodin has his own inimitable style. His finger-picking technique incorporates melodic bass lines with delicate countermelodies, often sounding like multiple guitarists at once. When describing Jon’s guitar playing, its been said he sounds like he’s got three hands. Foggy Otis plays ukulele. He found his way to the diminutive, four-stringed instrument after a life threatening illness took away his ability to play guitar. While many see the ukulele as a toy, a gimmick, a joke even, in Foggy’s hands it is truly an instrument capable of evoking a wide range of emotions and responses. He cites George Harrison, Terry Kath, Jerry Garcia and Steve Howe as major forces on his journey towards instrumental excellence.

Presenters & Panels

The Museum Of Interesting Things

The Museum of Interesting Things is a traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions that goes to schools, libraries and events and inspires kids and adults to be curious. Curator and founder Denny Daniel brings his traveling interactive demonstration/exhibition of antiques and inventions, inspiring innovation and creativity for all. Heralded in the NY Times and Smithsonian Magazine, appeared on the PBS, History Channel, The Science Channel, NY1 News and over 20 publications and presented at 3 TEDx talks, Daniel, an NYU Grad who often lectures there, teaches through touch and feel allowing participants to actually interact with historical items and learn from the past to invent a better future. The Museum includes specialties in Science, Math, Literature, Medical, Toys, Music, Household and Photography, plus many themed exhibitions. “We bring back tinkering and show kids and adults their iPods did not pop out of thin air! Like a circus…just no elephants.”

Fighting Exhibition: Medieval Armored Combat
Join members of a modern medieval combat group as they engage in an exhibition of their style of fighting and talk with the audience about medieval combat.

The Development of Knightly Armor and Chivalry from an Arthurian Perspective
The concept of the chivalrous knight in shining armor has been a romantic ideal for a long time, but from where did that ideal come? How did it develop? Did armor always “shine?” where knights always “chivalrous?” and how did the stories of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table vary and evolve to reflect the ever-changing ideals and principles of knighthood? Join Captain Zorikh on this fast-paced, exciting technological and sociological history that will reveal knighthood and and King Arthur as you have never seen them before!
Host: Captain Zorikh

The Ghost of Sherlock Holmes
Can the memory of the world’s greatest detective ever really fade away? The answer is a resounding NO!
It is elementary! A very special dinner party is being hosted by a dubious Sherlock Holmes collector. During the course of this mysterious evening, the host will demonstrate the peculiar mind-powers of Dr. Joseph Bell, the personality profiling prowess of the Great Detective himself, the esoteric attributes of a deck of cards rumored to have belonged to Jack the Ripper, the haunted finger rings of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Cottingley Fairies, and much more!
Delve into the mysteries surrounding the real life Diogenes Club and the murder that happened there! Was Sherlock Homes a real person? Some say he died in 1957 at the age of 103! Others that he was the before mentioned Dr. Joseph Bell. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (the creator of Holmes as a fictional character) met Bell in 1877, and served as his clerk at the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary.
Contact the spirit of the great detective!
Explore the history of the Diogenes Club!
Solve a mystery just like Holmes might have!
Look for clues and solve the case!
Host: Vince Wilson

Medieval Martial Arts in the Modern World
In recent years, the worlds ot full-contact medeival armored combat, Historical European Martial Arts, and LARPing have taken the word by storm, and the Society for Creative Anachronism and stage combat just keep on trucking along. But what are these things? How do they relate to each other as forms of the arts of war o the European middle ages today? And what are the key differences between the groups? This lecture examines this phenomena, and, if it ever interested you, may help you find the sort of group you would like the most!
Guests from some of the groups involved in the subject matter may be present. (this goes well with the exhibition below)
Speaker: Captain Zorikh

The History of Jack the Ripper
Past life regression and artifacts from the past will finally reveal who Jack the Ripper really was! Look at actual newspaper clippings from 1888 London, reproduction documents and photos from the murder scenes while deciphering a puzzle that has taken more than a century to solve!
In the mid-19th century, England experienced an influx of Irish immigrants, who swelled the populations of England’s major cities, including the East End of London. From 1882, Jewish refugees from Eastern Europe and Tsarist Russia moved into the same area. The civil parish of Whitechapel in London’s East End became increasingly overcrowded. Work and housing conditions worsened, and a significant economic underclass developed. Robbery, violence and alcohol dependency were commonplace, and the endemic poverty drove many women to prostitution.
In October 1888, London’s Metropolitan Police Service estimated that there were 1200 prostitutes and about 62 brothels in Whitechapel. The economic problems were accompanied by a steady rise in social tensions. Between 1886 and 1889, frequent demonstrations, such as that of 13 November 1887, led to police intervention and further public unrest. Racism, crime, social disturbance, and real deprivation fed public perceptions that Whitechapel was a notorious den of immorality. In 1888, such perceptions were strengthened when a series of vicious and grotesque murders attributed to “Jack the Ripper” received unprecedented coverage in the media.
Join Parapsychologist and Ripperologist Vince Wilson and his colleagues as they use real CSI-type skills and Victorian era Spiritualism to find a historic killer before he gets you! When things start going wrong, you can’t call 911. How can the police help you against the supernatural?
Travel back in time with hypnosis to visit his last victim!
A seance may help you or make things a little more dangerous!
Handle items from 19th Century England!
Five guests will play the part of the victims of Jack the Ripper in the thrilling conclusion!
A story straight From Hell!
90 minutes.
Host: Vince Wilson

More Entertainment details to be announced shortly!

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